OEM Liaison

Establish reliable and local support for your products...ensure open communication, manage programs and monitor quality locally and globally with your customer".

- Jeannie Thrower, President SDS



SDS excels in the OEM network and relationships in North America. SDS provides a service at the OEM and can be very beneficial to the organization in the area of business and client development. SDS assist the Supplier with accountability, continuous improvement and growth for the supplier development program. The Supplier maintains control over expectations and all communication is streamlined to assist with process improvement, conflict resolution and value add excellence in the quality process. 


SDS assist suppliers with liaison support, data collection, reporting and continuous improvement. This is a cost saving/value added program which most suppliers need but generally pay a premium to have. Many suppliers know they have to support, report and track performance. This demands continuous follow-up, communication and “face-time”. Many times the supplier's team has to take time away from their facility to visit and support OEM. Often these visits are not as effective or productive as needed. Many suppliers want and need a liaison at the OEM to develop relationship, respond quickly, and work through issues effectively.


We are committed to providing top-level service, resources to all suppliers. We offer cost effective solutions that enhance and improve quality and product development for your organization. We believe positive Energy and managing Execution will promote Excellence in the quality process

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